Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Who Or What Created The Universe?

According to the Big Bang theory, the Universe began with no atoms and small zones of infinite density at high temperatures. The zones of infinite density are associated with a singularity that was present at or near the beginning of the universe. Scientists and mathematicians used astronomical data to extrapolate backwards and 1) predict the age of the universe, and 2) where all of the matter in our universe came from, and 3) predict the conditions which could have triggered the expansion. I haven't quite finished with my work yet; but, I have a few of my own ideas about the origin of the universe. First of all, what we see is the universe; but, it is not a completely objective reality. And, it is not a completely physical reality. From the research that I have completed, I think that the world that we see and experience is actually a mental projection that is driven by the conscious mind (the observer) and the subconscious mind (as “programming interface” or omniscient intelligence). We can think of our reality as existing inside of a room (so to speak) which contains the mental projection; but, this room also contains a logic and order space ... and, change inside this reality, is driven by ideas. According to my new theory, the logic and order space, the mental projection, and our own ideas collectively drive the universe realization. The mental projection is our reality, and this reality is one reality out of an infinite number of possible realities; and, we can exist in a physical reality or a dream reality. All of the realities that I am describing exist without beginnings and ends; but, they still retain the idea of change (which is a much better representation of the true nature of time.) I also believe that all of these realities are driven by ideas, which collectively create the basic framework to drive change in a reality. And, ideas drive change much like a potential (or electrical potential) drives change in any local system space.

For more research in general physics and quantum theory, read the book Mental Potentials Create Many Realities or Many Worlds


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