Monday, April 4, 2016

Universe Evolution

The Universe, as Realization, evolved from the one before and created itself leveraging from an entity "outside of it all" existing as an Oracle. Most likely, the universe before did not favor the laws of physics and it survived and matured in that way, but became very unpredictable. *Most likely, this universe *learned* from the one before, and favored the laws of physics to become more predictable (**) but became very heavy. (**) (*With the universe learning all of this from an Oracle*) - The Oracle would *also* reveal information about the Universe preceding "the one before" in order to solve the contradiction. With the Oracle existing as the Creator and Architect of All Universes as Universe Realizations. (These are references that happen show up in many Matrix movies) - A universe that obeys the laws of physics enables evolutionary paths which make objects heavier and heavier (or larger and larger) in order to become more and more powerful in order to survive. - The problem is that a uncontrolled race towards size could possibly "overtake" the universe -> where the universe as realization could introduce a perpetual entropy or chaos condition where it would simply "outgrow" itself and ultimately be destroyed by entropy. - So, an opportunity came about to favor very small things in order for the universe to survive a size catastrophe. - A case for logic, mathematics, and physics also leads us to a system idea for the universe where everything in the universe obeys the laws of self-similarity where everything is self-aware to some extent. - This gets us to an evolutionary path for our universe where small things evolve very rapidly, and large things evolve very slowly. - So you get a "give and take" where small things have to combine to get larger ... but not too large. (*And large things would need very small things and small things would need even smaller things.*)

This article is based on mathematics research in general physics and quantum theory, found in the book Mental Potentials Create Many Realities or Many Worlds


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