Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Einstein's Equivalence Principle and Emerging Mass

The mathematical investigation of calculus ideas associated with position, velocity, and acceleration inspired me to look at the F=ma Idea from another perspective. Essentially F (Force) can be thought of as a mass transfer idea that is derived from a calculation of emerging mass which “comes about” through a calculation of momentum or force. Instead of thinking of mass as continuously persisting as a constant through time, we can think of emerging mass, as “coming about” … “emerging” … or “accumulating” … through movement; where the rest mass is multiplied by a mass multiplier in order to create “more mass” which observers perceive as “more weight” creating “more force”. This mass multiplier can be expressed as a position differential (velocity) or a velocity differential (acceleration). *Where the position differential contributes to a calculation of momentum; and the velocity differential contributes to a calculation of force.

It is more intuitive to think of the mass multiplier as a position differential leading to a momentum calculation based on our everyday interaction(s) with the “weight” of physical objects and physical things. So let’s take a quick moment to investigate the position differential. This position differential can be mathematically expressed as “the point changing in position” with respect to "the point changing in time." This is what we express with calculus; and, we express this position differential as velocity in general physics.

What is not so obvious, is that a moving mass can be “thought of” as oscillating with a “velocity frequency” and “a mass frequency” (where each frequency or propagating wave, has an associated direction and magnitude.) The rest mass (m) can be considered as the mass frequency which we understand as the mass variable, (m) … and the velocity (v) corresponds to a velocity frequency which we use for the momentum calculation mv. The superposition of the rest mass frequency along with a velocity frequency or velocity oscillation contributes to The Emerging Mass or The Momentum Idea which observers experience as Energy.

For more research in general physics and quantum theory, read the book Mental Potentials Create Many Realities or Many Worlds


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