Monday, January 16, 2017

Editorial Review: More On The SpaceTime

From Astrophysics 101 Mental Potentials Create Many Realities or Many Worlds is a book written by Kevin Luckerson, which contains compiled research in quantum theory and relativity physics and suggests that the universe may actually exist as a light hologram. (The book, Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, proposed this same idea, suggesting that the universe is never completely established until the observer interacts with it or engages with it.) The research strongly suggests that the universe exists in this way so that it can be changed or modified with respect to the observer, to solve energy requirements

The research in Mental Potentials also, takes a step to mathematically resolve some of the unconfirmed ideas in psychic, paranormal,and occult phenomena in order to confirm a unified field theory for the universe. The results of the research in quantum theory, and relativity physics, confirm the work of Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrödinger, and David Bohm; confirming a Many Worlds Theory; and, also confirming the Alien Conspiracy and the Philadelphia Experiment (Demons).

Upon reading the book completely, we see that An Alien Conspiracy can be traced all the way back to ancient civilization. And recently, according to the research, we see that the conspiracy has raised a Machine Age or Industral Age (from the 1800's); -- gaining serious momentum in the 1950's and 1960's with Area51, and the Roswell New Mexico UFO crash, and has surfaced in today's time as a New World Order and World Domination agenda carried out by an alien race of beings; ( existing as <*Insects*> imaging light with quantum computers.)

The result of all of this work in quantum theory and quantum physics is a book which patiently takes you through the science and the math behind light holograms , field theory, and wave phenemona ; in order to help readers finally understand the history behind the alien conspiracy; and the alien agenda -- which dates 'all the way back' to ancient history. ( Dating back to the history of the planet, and the history of the solar system.)

More... from Astrophysics 101

Finally a book comes along, with a much better explanation for The Space Time and General Relativity.

Albert Einstein created the space-time in order to mathematically solve relativity problems dealing with time dilation while objects are traveling at or near the speed of light. Time dilation is a strange phenomenon in the universe where clocks appear to speed up or slow down within reference frames. In order to solve the math, Einstein introduced a time variable as the 4th dimension of space. Now, when we refer to a point in space ... we can no longer look at space as simply a 3-dimensional physical volume ... we must look at space as a space-time geometry ... which is often referred to as a space-time fabric contributing to a space-time continuum. This new interpretation of space as a spacetime continuum created new mathematical solutions for time travel, wormholes, and stargates.

The Time Variable in Special Relativity

Mental Potentials Create ... Many Worlds, directly addresses the space-time as a special geometry [set] which is leveraged by phased potential; >>> contributing to "space-time impression(s)" in the geometry set - <*>where the impression creates an interference pattern in the space-time.

The impression "is created by" a physical position, or wave position (in space); to create waves (or ripples) in the space-time. The phase and frequency associated with these ripples in the space-time, directly contribute to Einstein's observations of time dilation and "speeding time clocks".

Instead of introducing the time variable as the 4th dimension (of space), we consider space to have Infinite Dimensions ....(existing partially as potential and possibility); and the time variable becomes a mathematical quantity which is the result of a field interaction between a balancing field, and “the space-time impression”, in order to introduce frequency (as change) … to balance spaces. *Ultimately changing space. ( Consider the balancing field as the result of a fundamental time frequency or time pulse in the universe, creating time duration for relativity calculations.

The observation of "speeding time clocks" is simply the result of "changing space" within a unique 3-dimensional volume or unique 3-dimensional reality -- (which Einstein considered as "reference frames" or "frames of reference.")

(*More on the space-time and space-time impressions.*)

The spacetime impression is special because it is considered as a mental geometry creating a potential field of mental space. Mental spaces drive the behavior of space, and start to explain the peculiar behavior of electrons, photons, and subatomic particles.

The spacetime impression is unique ... and always changing, based on a continuous interaction with a balancing field. As the spacetime impression changes, physical 3-dimensional space also changes. And, as physical space interacts with physical space, the total 3-dimensional volume of space changes over time … contributing to our perception of the spacetime. These physical interactions (of space) are described with Rigid Body Physics, Newton's laws of motion; and, the Laws of Physics and Classical Mechanics.

SpaceTime impressions can change at different rates with respect to other impressions in the local space ... creating contradictions and race conditions which are *also* ultimately corrected by the balancing field. (*Contradictions such as the Twin Paradox are a result of a racing contradiction between two spacetime impressions ... ultimately creating two different worlds ... or two different realities.)

Alien Intelligence

The final chapters in the book present a strong case for the presence of Alien Intelligence in our Solar System. In the article entitled <- *Space Invaders* -> ... the book links ghosts, spirits, supernatural events, and mythological creatures, to an Alien Race of beings, existing as an Energy Field (referenced to as "Infinite Field" throughout the book.)

According to research presented in the final chapters, this Alien Race (as an Energy Field) has created an emulator which manipulates spacetime impressions ... ultimately "stealing space" in our Solar System ... these spacetime impressions are ultimately "corrected" or "eliminated" (over time) by a balancing field ... but we currently find ourselves here on Earth "overrun" with defective impressions. *The original spacetime impressions (for the Solar System) ... were created when the Star System was born ... and the impressions exist much like a DNA fingerprint, or extensive set of programs, routines, and instructions (for our Star System.)

The Alien Intelligence manipulates spacetime impressions in order to create light holograms (as energy fields or potential fields), ... in order to create a leverage on perception. <-! The leverage, in turn, *converts* the "Hologram" into an "Instance" ... which is interpreted as an "Instance of Matter", or an "Instance of Energy", or simply a "Wave Instance." !->

These <"Wave instances of Light"> ... along with the rotating planets and the primary star are all used, collectively, as a tremendous energy leverage to create a feedback loop or a perpetual motion machine of destructive field potentials which pose an immediate danger to our world (here on Earth) and our Solar System.

All of this "activity" ultimately provides energy and resources "for Them" instead of providing energy and resources "for Us" essentially robbing energy and resources from the Star System and its Inhabitants. This race condition would ultimately bring about the death of our Solar System which would be "brought on" by the death of the primary star. In our case, it would most likely "commence" with the death of the Sun.

This article is based on mathematics research in general physics and quantum theory, found in the book Mental Potentials Create Many Realities or Many Worlds